The Fademi Jacobson Foundation is open to funding from donors across the world as we seek to effectively reach our goals and objectives. Our potential donors can easily select from the funding options provided below to help support the foundation and assist us have a better outreach across Nigeria.The Fademi Jacobson Foundation funding sources includes;

  1. GRANTS from private foundations and other grant awarding institutions. The foundation sources for grants from organizations that has an interest in joining hands with them to reach our goals.
  2. CORPORATE GIFTS AND PLEDGES from organizations that are interested in delivering their social corporate responsibilities through our foundation and reach out to the millions of children and women in dire need of assistance.
  3. GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE AND SPONSORSHIP. The foundation also seeks to work with Government agencies ready to support its charity work and give the requisite assistance to help us achieve our goals.
  4. PRIVATE DONATIONS in form of cash or materials. For material donations, they can be sent to Plot 2 Malomo Close, Isokan Estate, Akobo, Ibadan or you can reach us on 08066331592. For cash donations as low as One thousand naira only (N1,000.00) or Five dollars only ($5.00) to support the foundation, donors can make payments to our DIAMOND BANK ACCOUNTS.
    1. THE FADEMI JACOBSON FOUNDATION (Account Name)—-0091398825- (ACCOUNT NUMBER) (DBLNNGLA——Swift Code).

To donate to our cause, you can contact us via mobile at +2348066331592, +2348059820740, and +2348166711500. You can also send us an email at or

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